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(you might notice when you vote that it says incompatible with Steam. It looks like someone thought Soda Drinker Pro was spam or something so it got flagged. I tried writing to Steam a few times but no word back from them just yet. Fortunately voting for the project still works so thanks so much for all your votes!)

You can help decide what levels you want included in the simulation here!












WOW!!! So here’s what happened:  I had been getting tons of e-mails from people asking me to put this on Steam Greenlight.  I was curious how many people REALLY wanted it.

So I put a little Paypal button on here asking if people were actually interested to donate 50 cents to prove they really mean it.  I decided if 200 people each gave 50 cents I would put it up.  Plus I figured anyone who would take the time to send someone 50 cents is pretty awesome and truly loves soda anyway.

That was a couple days ago.  Since then we hit the 200 supporter donation mark pretty fast!  Plus bunch of people even donated more than 50 cents leaving  a couple extra bucks so I can get some cool Soda Drinker Pro swag printed up.  As a thank you to everyone who contributed, I’ll be sending you some rad stuff in the near future…. Stay tuned!

And to everyone who has taken the time to truly experience drinking simulated soda, I can’t tell you how nice it is to spread this all over the world!  The feeling you get when you collect a bonus soda or when you walk underneath a giant table in a castle while drinking a soda is something I’d love for everyone to be able to experience, and it’s truly an honor to be able to share that with all of you.

Also thank you to everyone on Reddit, Indie Impressions, Mashable, KillScreen, Indie Statik, Kotaku, Twitter, Facebook, Wall Street Journal, Complex, Gamezone, Baixaki, Grist, GameZebo, Kill Screen, Indie Impressions, Jenx, LLamaGama, Indie Freese, Allaweh, Anjel Syndicate, GameSta, Neoseaker, HipOnion, Middle Easy, Total Gaming Network, The Daily Meal, Games Press,, Gamesutra, Bebidaspreparadas, CL Gamer, NerdRage, Airborn Gamer, Pheonix Newtimes, Vagary, Indie for Breakfast, Zen Plays, Kill Streak Gaming Network, Metacritic, Arafwulf, GameGrep, and my brother Raymond for tons of help with the Unity port.  If I missed anyone I apologize; let me know and I’ll add you here. You all have helped bring soda drinking simulations to a new audience and I appreciate it deeply.

To Everyone, thanks again!

So stay tuned… I’ll be putting together everything to submit to Greenlight over the next couple of days.

If this ends up getting Greenlit,

I promise 100 levels of soda drinking!

So start thinking of places you would love to drink a soda because I will be looking for suggestions on Twitter and Facebook to start building out the levels.

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